Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Michael Vick Needs.

I don't know much about Michael Vick except for what has been covered on the news. I don't follow football so when the news of the "Animal Abuse" conviction a couple years ago, well..... this was the first time I had probably heard of him. Like I said I do not follow football.

Most will find Mr. Vick's involment with dog fighting appalling as do I. I can can only imagine that individuals involved with such activity, in some convoluted way, find a way to justify the practice of Dog Fighting. They may say.... "Hey! This is what dogs do! Dogs in the wild will establish the pecking order. We are just letting dogs do what dogs do!" Same I guess with cock fighting.

So the news will follow Mr. Vick's every move. They will watch him on the practice field. They will follow him about as he goes about his life. Waiting for him to slip up. He will be booed when he starts playing football again. He will be booed when he fumbles the ball, and he will be booed when he scores a touchdown.

He served two years in prison, lost millions of dollars, lost his reputation, maybe has lost his career, and has apologized for his behavior, but overall the vast majority seem unable to forgive Mr. Vick. I have seen men forgiven for much greater offenses, but this will not go away for Mr. Vick. Many will never be able to forgive his offense. All the community service and apologies and touchdowns, will be of no effect for those that have not been able to forgive.

I do have an idea though that may be Mr. Vick's path to redemption. No.... not accepting Jesus.... I am guessing he has already done that.... No! What Mr. Vick needs is a puppy. Not a Pit Bull puppy, or a Rottweiler puppy, but something like a Poodle or Pomeranian puppy. Something that he can love and take care of. Something delicate and cute that you have to be careful with. And months down the road when he takes his little Pomeranian puppy for a walk in the park and all see the love relationship he has with the little puppy, it is then that he will be forgiven.

See the little Pomeranian puppy I gave to my Daughter-in-law in the YouTube Video below. Yeah! This is what Mr. Vick needs. Got to love the little bugger!
Click on the above Video to see a very cute puppy.

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