Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Can't Find My Cell Phone!

The wife and I are now empty nester's. Our boys have all moved off to the big city of Fayetteville, Arkansas and are pursuing their own lives, leaving us now to rattle around in too much house.

So we are bustling about, getting ready to make a trip up to the big city of Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit the boys. As usual, we are running late and are haphazardly throwing our necessities together for our weekend visit. Not much for checklists, we simply ask each other over and over; "have you seen my this or that", or "do we need to take these", or "why are you taking that"? We usually stumble our way through and somehow we get our stuff together, but today is worse than usual.

Sue just got in from work, I am on the phone with Justin as he is setting up a dinner date at one of the many great places to eat in Fayetteville, and needs a time that we will be there. He is pressuring us to get on the highway. I am telling him that we should be leaving within 15 minutes or so, while yelling back to Sue.... "Make sure you have my toothbrush", while Justin starts talking about a video on YouTube about this sleepwalking dog, I am looking for my wallet, while Sue is toting bags out to the car, giving me a dirty look, she retorts, "Can you help carry these bags out?", while I find my wallet, and pack my computer, I cannot find my phone! "Sue... have you seen my phone. I know I had plugged it into the charger last night! Sue is back in grabbing more bags, and I get another dirty look, as she hears me talking on the phone about the sleepwalking dog with Justin... As she walks out the door with the bags, I again ask her if she has seen my phone... She stops and looks at me with a blank look, shakes her head.... "Your talking on your phone!"

Now I suppose this could be called a senior moment. But then again I have heard from others accounting of how they were looking for keys that are in their pocket, looking for purses, that are on hanging from their shoulders, and yes... even looking for their phone, while it is affixed firmly to their ear.

Blame it on our busy life, that is filled with Cell Phones, Pagers, Computers, and more. But I can remember when I was a child, laughing at my father, before cell phones, pagers, and computers, as he went from room to room cussing about not being able to find his hat. He would not go anywhere without his hat. Of course.... his hat was on his head!

My Phone of Choice: Apple's I-Phone.