Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Broke Down In Williams, Arizona

Finally! A long awaited hang gliding vacation out to Southern California to fly some of the sites that I flew in the 1970's. Traveling with fellow Arkansas, Jason Gray, we were provided with nice accomodations by my long time flying buddy, Kenny Westfall and his lovely wife Megret in their beautiful mountain cabin near Crestline, California. A great adventure of hang gliding, but that is another story. Flying at Torrey Pines!

Heading home from our many days of enjoyable flying, our adventure was just beginning! About 45 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona, My 2001 Chevy S-10 simply quit running. Trying to crank it over, it sounded like a motor that was out of timing. On my I-phone I was able to locate a tow service only 14 miles away in Williams, Arizona. This was on a Saturday and was glad to have found some service so near.

The truck was towed to Malone's Auto in Williams, Arizona on a Saturday, where they ruled out any fuel problem and found that the distributor gear was trashed and that the timing had jumped gear. They worked on the truck on Sunday (open 7 days a week) and had it all ready for when the parts arrived on Monday.

During my stay in Williams, Arizona I busied myself with riding my bike, monitored the progress on my truck and partook of Williams, Arizona. I enjoyed the great eats available in the many restaurants and browsed through the many shops in this quaint little western town. The good folks at the Highlander Motel gave my buddy, Jason a ride to Flagstaff so that he could rent a car to get home and back to work, while I wait on my truck to be repaired. I was hoping to take the scenic train ride to the Grand Canyon, but the truck would be ready on Monday afternoon and thus I would be hitting the road.

Excellent service by the good folks at Malone's Auto in Williams, Arizona. Overall a very nice little town in a very picturesque setting. Called the Gateway to the Grand Canyon!

My next time out west I will really want to spend a couple days in Williams as a destination point for visiting the Grand Canyon.

Check out my YouTube Video, highlighting my adventure of being broke down in Williams, Arizona. A nice town in which to break down.

Visit Williams, Arizona.

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