Sunday, December 13, 2009

Parodies on Hitler and the movie "Fallen"

I am not sure who did the first re-subtitling of the movie "Fallen", but this meme has been very popular on YouTube and is probably the most used movie for this type of parody. The particular scene from this movie that is used in many parodies or rewriting of the subtitles is a scene of Hitler in his bunker during the last few days before he commits suicide. In a clip of only a few minutes, you see Hitler going from being strong and confident, to him melting down over hearing bad news, going into a rage, and eventually resigning himself to the inevitable. Quite a range of emotions.

Now remove the subtitles, and use any video editing software, such as Windows Movie Maker, Adobe After Effects, Corel Videostudio to apply new subtitles so that Hitler is now talking about any subject you wish. A simple search on YouTube will yield dozens of remakes with subjects ranging from sports, to gaming, to politics and more. Some are really funny and some can be quite offensive, so viewer beware!

My first two efforts at re-subtitling was a lot of fun and I used themes that were a bit more personal to me rather than trying to deal with some broad issue. My first video deals with how the weather has been very poor for hang gliding in Arkansas, and of course, Hitler plays a central role. The second video has two themes in one video. My son's recent motorcycle accident and Hitler's desire to have tickets to the Arkansas Razorbacks Football game, woven into one story.

I hope you enjoy the videos below.

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